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Savor the Season: Thrive Alcohol-Free

As the holiday season approaches, so does the pressure to drink. It seems as though every social gathering, from office parties to family gatherings, involves alcohol in some way. For those who choose to be alcohol-free, the prospect of navigating the holiday season can be daunting. However, staying alcohol-free this holiday season is possible. It’s all about staying curious and choosing to be mindful about how you want to feel. In today’s post, I will share some tips on how to navigate and thrive this holiday season alcohol-free, or alcohol curious - without judgement!

Tip #1: Stay Curious about Your Thoughts

The first step in staying alcohol-free this holiday season is to stay curious about your thoughts about alcohol. What is it that you desire from alcohol? Is it the taste, the social aspect, or the numbing effect? Once you identify your thoughts about alcohol, you can then evaluate whether they are aligned with your values. Staying curious and mindful in this way can help you stay committed to your decision to be alcohol-free.

Tip #2: Focus on How You Want to Feel

The holiday season is all about feeling connected to loved ones. Rather than focusing on alcohol as a way to connect, think about how you want to feel this holiday season.Is it happiness, gratitude, or contentment? Does alcohol truly connect us, or does it disconnect us from the true feelings of the holidays, and our loved ones?  Once you identify how you want to feel, you can then choose activities and experiences that align with those feelings. What could be possible!?

Tip #3: Do it for Yourself

It’s important to remember that staying alcohol-free this holiday season is your choice. You get to do this for yourself, regardless of what your friends and family choose to do. Be confident in your choice and don’t feel obligated to drink in order to fit in. Did you know that 40-50% of drinkers want to drink less or not at all!? We think others may be judging our choice not to drink, but it is really a reflection of their feelings about themselves. Your choice to get curious about alcohols role in your life, and your holidays, is badass for you and an inspiration to others. You don't owe anyone an explanation, but if it is helpful, plan a few reasons to share ahead of time! Remember, the most important thing is that you are gentle with yourself, whatever happens.  

Tip #4: Stay Compassionate and Curious

If you do choose to drink this holiday season, it’s important to stay curious and compassionate with yourself. Rather than judging yourself for drinking, evaluate why you made that choice and what you can learn from it. Was it peer pressure, stress, or simply a desire to let loose? Staying curious and compassionate can help you navigate your feelings and make a more informed choice next time.

Tip #5: Connect with Others who are Alcohol-Free

Finally, connect with others who are alcohol-free this holiday season. Whether through support groups or online communities, finding a community of like-minded people can help you stay accountable and confident in your choice to be alcohol-free. You might even find that you enjoy this holiday season more without alcohol!

Staying alcohol-free this holiday season is possible, with the right mindset and support. Remember to stay curious about your thoughts, focus on how you want to feel, do it for yourself, stay compassionate and curious, and connect with others who are alcohol-free. Most importantly, be gentle with yourself and don’t judge yourself or others for their choices. May your holiday season be joyful, connected, and full of love, in whichever way feels best for you. Happy Holidays!

Remember! There is no way to fail on this journey when we show up with curiosity over judgement, and compassion over shame! Grab my gentle reminder here, if you are over-drinking and blaming yourself. It is not your fault.  Much love and light to you!



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