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There is a way that YOU can find true freedom from alcohol, however that looks to you, with confidence and without judgement. 


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1-1 Coaching (12 One Week Sessions)

Reclaim You!

Twelve 1-Hour Zoom Sessions

Unlimited Daily Communication

Exclusive Access to a Private Online Platform

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Small Group Coaching

3-5 Women

Twelve Weekly Sessions

Exclusive Online Platform

Daily Interaction with Coach & Community

BONUS: Personal Breakthrough Session (Value: $397)


Breakthrough Full Week Session


It's Like having a Coach In Your Back Pocket.

One-Hour Intensive Laser Coaching Session

Weeklong Support via Video Chat

Customized Strategies and Resources

Follow-Up and Momentum Building Plan for Continued Success

A Fully Supported Fresh Start!


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It's your time to put yourself first and make alcohol small.

Only you know when the best next step is right for you.  If it feels terrifying or impossible.. you know you're doing it right! Lean into the resistance, and start making the change YOU deserve. You have everything you need already, I'll show you how to use it to get everything you dream of.

"Coach Jess's guidance is transformational. In just one session, I gained profound insights into the root of my shame and learned to let go of guilt that wasn't mine to bear. I now approach my alcohol-free journey with a newfound sense of pride and self-worth. Despite past struggles, I'm filled with hope and gratitude for the future. Jess's coaching has given me the strength to overcome obstacles and embrace life with confidence."

Nancy B.
Teacher, Mom x 2

The Science Based Approach That Has Helped Thousands Find Freedom From Alcohol

A Look Into Our Coaching Framework

The Science Based Approach That Has Helped Thousands Find Freedom From Alcohol

Our coaching program uses the innovative F.R.E.E. framework, rooted in the transformative Affective Liminal Psychology (ALP) methods, designed to help people achieve lasting change, especially from alcohol. Here's how it works:

  • Find: Acknowledge your readiness for change and set the stage for self-discovery.
  • Rewire: Change deep-seated thought patterns that hinder growth.
  • Embody: Integrate new insights and habits into your daily life, promoting ongoing exploration and acceptance.
  • Experiment: Apply changes actively, embracing a life of joy, curiosity, and continuous growth.

At the core of our methods is a game-changing tool designed to rewire the thoughts and beliefs holding you back—the F.R.E.E. technique. This innovative approach is central to our program, empowering you to break free from the chains of past habits and thought patterns. Through F.R.E.E., you're not just undergoing temporary changes; you're instigating deep-rooted transformation in your life that aligns with your true aspirations and limitless potential. 

This approach combines healing and sustainable transformation, guiding you to uncover your true self and enjoy a deeply fulfilling life. You are not powerless, you ARE the power. Ready to start your journey?


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